Postural Therapy

Starting a Yoga practice can seem daunting especially for those experiencing pain in the body and even more so if that pain becomes a chronic condition. If you are recovering from surgery or have been sedentary you can still start a journey to move and restore imbalances by using Postural Alignment techniques to improve your health and wellbeing.

I found the benefits in Postural Alignment Therapy in my own journey dealing with chronic pain when all other therapies and avenues of healing proved to be ineffective. I worked with a body worker and then a specialist which was instrumental to bring new awareness to how I moved. I was given a set of gentle supported exercises that I could do daily on my own and slowly over time I started to heal.

Postural Therapy focuses on the body as a whole to treat the underlying cause of pain.  Postural Alignment Therapy is a set of exercises that are aimed at specific conditions that present themselves in the body. 

It is in taking a look at our postures and looking at imbalances that we can strengthen and realign ourselves as to how we stand, sit and walk for example so that we can heal.  Most likely these imbalances are the result of a slow deterioration of your posture from a specific condition over long period of time. Chronic Pain can be attributed to posture and how we hold ourselves as we move throughout our life.

Many therapies address the specific area of pain and do not explore the root of the problem.  Postural Therapy along with yoga is a proven method to find long-term relief to correct the source of pain- your postural alignment. In using Postural Therapy and yoga you will be able to continue to strengthen your awareness to bring that to your life for good.

This area of study has been with my own studies in the Egoscue method. I have studied and practiced the postures and how they have effected my physical nature using my personal experience with yoga as research.


One breath at a time