Super Special First Session

Getting to India is always going to be an adventure and practice at the Shala is meant to take on a life of its own. I’m still in the adventure part of the trip which is annoying as I sincerely want to be settled for my time here. Not sure what happened to the order of the universe and I suppose this is meant to test me further. Test my patience and how good I am at all this yoga stuff off the mat. In any event all these details of getting here and any mishaps do not really matter at all as I got to practice today.

My registration card is not that impressive and you pretty much get what you get depending on who you are as well as when you register. Turns out when I thought I was on time or early, I was on the later side of the registration process as it has been going on for days without me. I am happy that it is the beginning of the season and things are fresh.  From the fresh paint at the Shala to the lightness in Sharath’s step and the hugs from all the old friends as well as new, both Indian and Western, things are progressing in a sweet direction.

I was all set for a crowd this morning for the led class that I was assigned to. Led in Mysore is not my favorite only because of the crowds and getting a spot. I have all these preconceived notions and have already painted the picture in my mind. You see, Shala time is earlier than the regular time and then you have to be earlier than Shala time to secure your spot on the stairs. It’s all somewhat confusing as you have to determine to be early, but not too early. It’s sort of like that Goldilocks and the three bears thing.  How to be just right?  As I turned into the gate it was weird.  Catherine and I were the first ones and we were able to sit at the top step.  I could relax as I would not have to negotiate a spot this time.  I would be able to get into the Shala almost first and choose the spot that suited me.  I listened to Sharath counting and thought, ‘it’s fine we are early but not too early”.  The fact is that there is alway a possibility to be called out on it with Sharath saying something or even telling us to leave and come back.

Turns out that there were only 15 of us for this Led class today, two rows with space to expand our limbs.    We were actually the lucky ones today with an almost private class with the “Boss” as John calls him.  Anyway I felt lucky and I was excited to practice.  I have been paying attention to the Vinyasa, the count and my breath and I heated up nicely.   My breath felt right today and I felt that so happy to have the opportunity to have the Trishtana method to focus on to support me in the practice. All the support was there to do this today. Pieces came together and still you can only do the best you can do each day. He still spoke to us individually as you know somehow in the group when he is talking to you. You make the change and he’s satisfied. No one moves till it’s done. I always say it’s a collective effort in Led and that makes it fun. You hold or stay up and somehow you support your fellow Ashtangi when you do this. It’s in the letting down of the group that sometimes stinks but again we are all doing our best and with a smaller group it is evident when you know it’s you. Chakrasana is a challenge when you are in Led as we all know.  Some have an ease that is just beautiful and some go without thinking.  So it is in the thinking that I personally get stuck. I have this story every time I get to this transition which is getting old.  I worked to let go of this today.  Each time that I inhale and hit it, I figure that I’m doing pretty good but the boss kept saying “chatvari” waiting for me to lift up and be there.  Tomorrow is led again with our 15 and more coming.  “Tomorrow you do”, I tell myself.

My Registration Card
My Registration Card

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