Poetry in Motion

The rhythm of the Mysore room is incredible.  With mats inches apart all around in a synchronized pattern of neat rows, yoga practitioners stand at the front of their mat to do their practice.  I always have loved this rhythm of the Mysore room where you have the various series being practiced and the flow of the practices working together forming a rhythmic order of asana and breath.

When I start the room is just getting going as we all walk in together to take our place.  Even though everyone just about starts out together the energy builds and then students do what has been taught to them by Sharath for their yoga practice.   This group has a lot of Intermediate with Advanced practices mixed in.  LIke a choir singing no one is looking to stand apart with their breath or doing any overextending or extra steps in an asana no matter what series they are doing.   The most advanced practitioner gets in no ones way doing Nakrasana  by going on an angle or by going up and back in the small inches between mats.    After Navasana (boat pose), it gets interesting and hopefully there is a level of control over the mind that has built up over this time on the mat and this is half way through the series.  There are wide angle poses and times when knees and legs are out to the side.  There is Cakrasna (backward roll) on the mats and everything is done so quietly on the mat.  No hard landings here.  It is all about practicing yoga and you stay in control of your mind and the body will follow.  This is poetry in motion.

As my mind wandered and drishti (where I am looking), as well as you may have noted, I was noticing the intricate level at how the asanas (poses) performed in close proximity worked together like a well oiled machine.  I had to refocus as I rolled in Garbha pindasana, fearing I would roll off to the side and hit someone and the only way to get around this was to bring my mind back to my breath and back to what I was doing.  It’s possible to bring it back as I made it around nicely with a not so perfect start.

As I approached backbends today I figured I would do more than the allotted three and let my breath open my body, building up after each backbend.   I have in my mind to use those three D’s I learned in my first Sutra class this week;  my determination, my dedication and the devotion to the supreme being that could lift me up.  In any event I will not go into the results however the trials were equal, working to continue to try without the attachment to success or failure.  We have to look at this as all moving in the right direction and that this is the part of the journey where we can flourish or give up. The assistant was there for my drop backs and with the wonderful timing Sharath was giving Supta Vajrasana assist right next to me.  He says to me smiling, “Looks like you need an auto rickshaw to get your feet.”   I get it, I get it.  You may have to think about this but it’s a nice side joke that you may not get often here.  I will take it!

Deb & Parker after 1 week

Parker’s reflection to come, stay tuned.  From what I heard people are following him!


3 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I feel your energy through the words. I truly have tears of joy. Love and Light.

    1. It has been one amazing experience this week and I am starting to get that there is not much to get. Practice has been really nice in the Shala and the yogis are all very cool here. Love the mindset and hope to hold onto it.

  2. Deb
    It was just by chance I got the shops notice (been blocked for some reason) and I saw your blog regarding your trip. I think it is so AWESOME and amazing that you have been able to have this trip with your son. While I tried last year to get back to practice, life got in the way. Your posts have truly inspired me to start back again. Even though I am only up to 5 sun salutations (and not well I need to say) it is ok, I am doing it and not getting annoyed at myself for not doing them well.
    I wish you the best with your son during this amazing journey. He will truly come back a different youn man. Margee, Denville, NJ

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