Such a weird release to take all my rupees and get registered for class.  Remember, it’s Parker and I so we had a lot and then we had none.  After going by the Shala, taking a picture in front and getting scolded and then coming back today, getting told to wait (we were too early) and now having my card and Parker has his we feel real.   He can count the times on both hands that he has been on the mat and is so looking forward to practice, chanting classes and so forth.   Going with the flow of the place so to speak.   He says I cause ripples.  I’m trying not to, especially when Prasad gave him the key to the scooter and started it up for him and said “you want to go for a ride?”  I couldn’t look . . . no helmut and p.s. the traffic is on the opposite of the road remember?

The main Shala is cool with pictures of Guruji and Ama and it feels nice to be there and wait.  Ronnie is short with you (very efficient) and is not so much into small talk but she’s pleasant and hands out the forms.  Sharath’s son walking around saying “you know my name” and exchanging smiles.  I told him that he did not know my name so how could I know his.  Then we exchanged names and I loved the way he accentuated the “B” at the end of my name.  I should probably call myself Dev, like the popular Indian pop star Devin then it would be so easy.

I have a regular time which is probably late for this season, 7 am.  Parker on the other hand starts at 4:30 am and will have led on Fri and Sat at some unknown time right now.  Saraswati’s Shala is  6 minute walk from the main Shala.  We may just have to go for that scooter after all but for now we will be sure to get good rest tonight and be up at 3:30 I guess.   Of course I will go and sit somewhere and wait for my time to start.   Then we have chanting class on Monday so that will be fun.

Just trying to blend in but I like to talk, take pictures, ask questions and laugh!  Oh yeah, the Indian people love to practice saying “Hi” and “How are you?” so we (I do anyway) exchange pleasantries a lot.   They love getting their picture taken too!


Where’s the party?

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    1. me baby! Glad you liked it and hope you enjoy the stories. Every day something new. Today we find Anu & Ganesh’s for lunch. I think I found it!

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