Mysore Palace

Wow!  So you may have seen pictures but when you see The Mysore Palace all lit up it is pretty magical.  We took the rickshaw and the driver waited for us which is always comforting.  So crazy how they can find you and how you can find them in a sea of people.  Bumped into my buddy Prasad inside while on the way out as there was a mix up – too long of a story – and amazing how he could find us as well.  Fun place, still taking it all in.  I was thinking of first impressions and the first time to do anything and how wild that is. Just when you get used to it and used to the way things are, you secretly sort of wish for the newness again or just yearn to see it through a child’s eyes.  So how this relates to relationships, to travel, to life, to the practice . . .  enjoy the ebb and flow of them and not to be too concerned when things settle or there are some ripples and when it’s not so difficult as it was, or it’s too difficult, because just when you think you have it all figured out it’s gonna just change on you.

Think of how boring it would be otherwise, right!  I seriously like when it’s good though and when my faith is strong.  So much I have learned through the practice and facing the difficulties there help me here.

Lit up just for 1/2 hour Sunday night


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